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"No one plays guitar and sings like the great Jessie Turner."

—The San Francisco Chronicle

"Jessie Turner's songs and singing have a unique power and originality. She is blazing a promising path toward becoming one of the notable singer-songwriters of her generation."

—Paul Winter

"A beautiful voice quality."

—Yusef Lateef

"Jessie Turner, the best known of the trio, is also the most definitively a "contemporary folk" artist. Her beautiful, liquid soprano holds pitch well and flows through a couple of octaves like a clear mountain stream. Her dynamics, even during a single number, may range from a whisper to a rousing, full-throated proclamatory line…she uses an electric bass and guitar, plus drums as a backup unit to her own acoustic box and nice voice."

—San Francisco Examiner

"Clever lyrical ideas and inviting melodies... A nice range... A strong live performer..."

—Music Connection Magazine

"Smoothly gliding back and forth between comparisons to Tori Amos and Bonnie Raitt, Jessie Turner shapes a niche of her own, blending tight four-piece grooves, trip-hop sensibilities, delicious harmonies, and sharp songwriting. …you immediately know that this isn't the Jewel-style coffee hours songstress."


"FOLK GETS A funky, trip-hoppy edge… excellent, versatile vocal cords; she soars on the high notes and drops to a sultry alto as she lasciviously, noncheesily recalls last night's love session…a subtler Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, or Fiona Apple. And not in a bad way."

—San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Pop Mistress Jessie Turner has been to school. Her degree in classical singing and jazz workshops with Max Roach and Billy Taylor show up clearly on her debut CD, Here and There, where her soaring soprano belts out surprisingly earthy lyrics. For her second set, All The Sweet Things, Jessie explored the lower end of her vocal range as well and the funkier rhythms, making her songs of love and lust even more sensual."

—Women Who Rock

"Singer-songwriters can usually be placed in one of two categories: engaging and open to life's paradoxes or closed in shallow self-absorption. Turner is firmly entrenched in the former camp and is blessed besides with a beguiling voice and a keen ear for good melody and strong rhythm... all the while a knock-out pop hook sinks its claws into our consciousness."


"Jessie Turner "All the Sweet Things" Raised more on Joplin than Jewel, local chanteuse Jessie Turner proves to be an exciting new female voice. - a far cry from the Woe-is-me female wailers who light up the Alice airwaves. Turner's bluesy alto resembles Bonnie Raitt's, although it's more supple."

—San Francisco Examiner

"Jessie Turner's "All The Sweet Things" CD was one of last year's best rock recordings. Her voice and words on the title song evoke red-hot sexuality in ways that more lyrically explicit songs only hint at, and her exploration of other elements of life and love are driven by perfectly honed arrangements."

—East Bay Express

"Jessie Turner - all the sweet things. In spite of the political correctness that has [almost, unfortunately,] permeated our post-modern life and speech, I will introduce this delicious record by saying that it is a lusty, sexy recording by a jazzy, bluesy, silky-voiced singer who has an impeccable means of creative energy and feminine sensitivity to harmonize the erotic fantasies of life. Jessie Turner is extremely talented and her second release, all the sweet things, is a testimony to her artistic spirit and her wonderful voice. An acoustic jewel from a great artist."

FAO Casa Gazette, Internal Magazine of the United Nations

"The road to notoriety is long, bumpy, and steep. Artists need an all-terrain temperament and a lot of drive if they are to arrive intact. It's a lesson Bay Area Singer-songwriter Jessie Turner knows well. For several years she has slowly but surely been winning over audiences on the U.S. folk circuit with her warm crystalline voice, deft guitar work, and powerful stage presence. Recently she even sang to millions of television viewers who saw her perform the American National Anthem at a St. Louis Cardinals game. On her debut CD Here and There, Turner grabs the lens and points it outward. Affection, reflection and dedication are a few of life's themes this elegant collection's ten original pieces explore. Quietly jazz-tinged one moment and folk-rockin' the next, Here and There is a passionate effort from an artist with a most promising future."

—Dirty Linen

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